temple of solomon, solomon's temple, star of bethlehem, new testament, great pyramid, astroarchaeology

temple of solomon, solomon's temple, star of bethlehem, new testament, great pyramid, astroarchaeology

temple of solomon, solomon's temple, star of bethlehem, new testament, great pyramid, astroarchaeology
The Jupiter Project has pieced-together
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temple of solomon, solomon's temple, star of bethlehem, new testament, great pyramid, astroarchaeology

"Noting that the Star of Bethlehem and the capstone of The Great Pyramid are both ancient celestial configurations, this site attempts to document discoveries that may provide solutions for mysteries that have puzzled humanity for eons". 

temple of solomon, solomon's temple, star of bethlehem, new testament, great pyramid, astroarchaeology, midrash

"Astroarchaeologist John Charles Webb, Jr., has done extensive mathematical and astronomical research in order to identify the Star of Bethlehem and discover the birth date of Christ." From The Cover Story, "In Pursuit of the Birth-Chart of Jesus", December 2000, Dell Horoscope Magazine,The World's Leading Astrology Magazine.


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temple of solomon, solomon's temple, star of bethlehem, new testament, great pyramid, astroarchaeology, midrash

temple of solomon, solomon's temple, star of bethlehem, new testament, great pyramid, astroarchaeology, midrash

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Star of Bethlehem, Magi, Astronomy, astrology, pi, archeology, christmas Contemporary science looks to animal kingdom to search for our roots while secrets High Priests return us to stars! Christmas star, star of the magi, An excerpt from " 3 . 1 Fourth Magi" John Charles Webb, Jr. Christ great pyramid.. time..astronomy..astrology.. metaphysics.. elementary mathematics.. global warming..Bible.. quantum physics light.. Emerald Tablet..and most recently, some "mathematical evidence" regarding otherworldly visitors! information presented here brief truly amazing "history" underpinnings Western Civilization. "history" from your future.  " Eye of the Needle" because they were so narrow. One most misinterpreted sayings Jesus Christ relates to " eye needle". saying , " easier for a camel to go through eye needle than for a rich man to enter kingdom heaven".camel beast burden in ancient timescamel was usually seen loaded with material goods its owner. simile "a camel passing through eye needle", suggests actual meaning Christ's quotation , " easier forcamel to go through eye needle than for MATERIALLY MINDED PERSON to enter heaven; one whose mind burdened like camel.  "eye of the needle" interpretation to provide one demonstration how many passages New Testament are deeply veiled by simile metaphor. Many literal interpretations lead to paradox decoded passages leadto transcendent understanding. Decoded metaphor tone information contained within many following pages. ... Christmas star, star of the magi, Bible multi-level transcendental masterpiece. In addition to its most sacred account life teachings Christ patriarchs Old Testament, also includes complete astrological-astronomical summary transition astrological age Aries to Pisces surprisingly also includes,summary quantum physics light! information contained in essays significant controversial but inconsequential when compared with timeless message Bible. This work simply reveals some additional facets sacred teachings Western Civilization includes some glaring omissions from wisdom ancient Egypt. For almost two thous years archaeologists, astronomers, Egyptologists religious scholars  for biblical Star Bethlehem capstone Great Pyramid. essence information charts published here Star Bethlehem capstone Great Pyramid are both ancient astrological configurations. discovery se historical artifacts has evaded scholars for 20 centuries despite fact astrology wasprinciple science during pertinent historical time periods. Any celestial event (i.e. Star Bethlehem) presented as announcing"a birth is exclusively within realm astrology, not astronomy. Astronomy celestial "observation" ancient astrology provides "interpretation astronomical phenomena. my opinion discoveries documented herein provide solutions for (at least) three most incredible transcendental mysteries have ever puzzled humanity. Christmas star, star of the magi, Star Bethlehem, as documented within pages, only verifiable archaeological artifact * ever discovered which supports every element Matthew's biblical account "star". discovery "Christ's Star" providesproof, in precise support gospels, existence an historical Jesus Christ. * only other artifact has been presented as proof existence Jesus Christ highly controversial Shroud Turin. Additionally, any contemporary attempt to reform or otherwise adjust Gregorian Calendar would be difficult without first having found Star Bethlehem . Star of Bethlehem Star of Bethlehem The Star of Bethlehem was a star or star-like object that, in the account of Jesus' birth given in the Greek Gospel of Matthew, heralded his arrival and guided the Magi (better known in Christian mythology as the Three Wise Men to the stable in Bethlehem where he was born. The messianic "Star Prophecy" that this star appeared to fulfill was of importance to all the contemporary Jewish resistance groups of the period, including those who produced the documents at Qumran Sea scrolls and the zealots who triggered the war against Rome, not to mention the early Christians Narrative in Matthew Proposed explanations for the star The "Star Prophecy" Narrative in Matthew Star of Bethlehem is described in the second chapter of the Gospel of Matthew in the New Testament of the Bible. After briefly recording the birth and naming of Jesus (Matthew 1:25), Matthew's account continues by stating: Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, wise men from the east came to Jerusalem, saying, "Where is he who has been born king of the Jews? For we saw his star when it rose [or "in the east"] and have come to worship him." these Magi were eventually directed to search in Bethlehem, based on a prophesy in the Jewish Scriptures concerning the place of birth of the promised king. After listening to the king, they went on their way. And behold, the star that they had seen when it rose went before them until it came to rest over the place where the child was." Contrary to some popularizations, Matthew's account indicates that the Magi knew from the star that the new king had already been born even before they first arrived in Jerusalem. While the nativity account in the Gospel of Luke recorded the actual birth of the infant in a stable (i.e. the event heralded by the star), Christmas star, star of the magi, Matthew records that by the time the Magi arrived, they found Jesus with his mother in a house and he was by then a small child. Matthew's account goes on to report that King Herod, who had learned the time of the star's appearing from the Magi, attempted to end the child's life by killing male children in Bethlehem of age two years and under. This suggests that the time of the star's appearing in the east was some time less than two years earlier. Proposed explanations for the star. Some have suggested that the star was entirely mythological. Legend had it that the births of Mithradates and Alexander Severus were both associated with the appearance of special stars.Others have proposed that the star was, in whole or in part, a special miraculous light rather than a normal astronomical event. Among these is John Chrysostom, who observed that a normal star could not have shown exactly where in Bethlehem Jesus was to be found, as Matthew says this star did. Various astronomical explanations have been advanced for the Star of Bethlehem, with a number of events known to have happened around the time of Jesus' birth (which has itself not been pinpointed). Suggested candidates have included: A conjunction (some claim occultation) of Jupiter and Saturn in 7 BC or that of Jupiter and Venus on June 17, 2 BC (although dates after 4 BC are subject to the objection that Herod may have died in that year) Halley's Comet, which made an appearance around 12 BC (a date which may be too early) A supernova, first suggested by Johannes Kepler after viewing one in 1604. A common objection to many suggested candidates (including comets, falling stars, novae, supernovae, etc.) is that they retroactively superimpose modern expectations on ancient stargazers. Although such candidates might seem unusual and interesting to modern eyes, they would not have carried the meaning to the Magi that a king of the Jews had been born. Comets, for example, were viewed as omens of misfortune. On the other hand, planets were viewed as "wandering stars" and their movements, although mundane to modern eyes, were considered highly significant to stargazers of the time. Among these, the planet Jupiter was considered to have special royal significance. Consequently, the leading astronomical interpretations for the star of Bethlehem have converged on consideration of the royal wandering star of Jupiter, with the different proposals turning largely on the answers to two questions. When did Herod the Great die? In the eyes of the Magi, what would have indicated that the birth was specifically of a king of the Jews rather than of some other people? Because Herod the Great was alive at the time that Jesus was born, Christmas star, star of the magi, only events prior to his death are of interest as candidates. On independent grounds, ithas been argued by some that Herod died as late as 1 BC. If true, this would open up consideration of the years immediately prior. In the December 1968 issue of Sky and Telescope, Roger Sinnott proposed that the star event was a rare and unusually close conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in the constellation of Leo the Lion on the evening of 17 June 2 BC. Unlike most conjunctions where planets remain visually separate and clearly distinct, this one may have been so close that they would appear to merge to all but the sharpest eyes. In 1991, Ernest L. Martin presented an alternate interpretation in the book The Star That Astonished the World. While he proposed that the conjunction with Venus started the Magi on their journey to Jerusalem to search for the new king, Martin's interpretation associated the date of the birth itself with movement of the moon in relation to Venus on 11 September 3 BC. He also noted that this was followed by three conjunctions of Jupiter with Regulus, the royal or king star within the constellation of Leo, and then by the conjunction with Venus. In 2001, Robert C. Newman suggested a revised version of the Martin's interpretation in which the event of 11 September 3 BC is understood as marking the time of conception and the rare, close conjunction with Venus on 17 June 2 BC, nine months later, heralds the birth. However, if Herod died in 4 BC as others maintain, then this would exclude candidates from the years 2 or 3 BC, and would confine attention to events in or before 4 BC.In 1999, astronomer published the results of his investigations in the book The Star of Bethlehem:. In contrast to other suggested events involving other constellations such as Leo, Virgo, or Pisces, had discovered evidence from multiple sources indicating that the stargazars of that time considered the constellation of Aries the Ram. A spring date for the birth also corresponds with Luke's account of the birth in which shepherds were watching their flocks by night. In the spring, shepherds would be watching their flocks at night in order to be ready to aid in the birth of new lambs. Regarding Matthew's statements that the star went before and stood over, and others have maintained that the Greek words used there refer to Jupiter's retrograde motion and stationing, respectively, as the movement of Jupiter against the background of the stars reverses course for a time and then stops before resuming the normal progression. A modern astrological interpretation of Matthew's account of the star, based on the Magi role as astrologers, claims to decode the Star of Bethlehem as a star configuration that was visible only to astrologers because the "star" was revealed in an astrological chart. The "Star Prophecy" The narratives of Matthew are so constructed as to form a chain of fulfillments of Old Testament prophecies, often explicitly instanced, and of quotations arguably taken out of context that are presented as being prophetic. The "Star prophecy" ("There shall come forth a star out of Jacob, And a sceptre shall rise out of Israel," Numbers 24:17) was the most treasured omen of a hopeful future for all Jews, up until the destruction of the Second Temple in AD 70. The "Star prophecy" was applied by the Romanized former revolutionary Josephus to Vespasian, as the one whom Jewish Scripture foretold, who would come out of Palestine and rule the world. The commander in Palestine was soon Emperor, and Josephus' application of the prophecy,like so many others, was likely to have been made after the fact. An investigation of the science and history which bear on the mysterious star said to have accompanied the advent of Christ Earth and Sky article "The Star of Bethlehem Revisited" links related to the star of Bethlehem Matthew's account regarding the star of Bethlehem. Christmas star, star of the magi, The Complete Astrological Star of Bethlehem Website - includes actual star charts. Star of Bethlehem, bethlehem star, star of bethlehem, Star, Bethlehem, Jesus Christ, God, Bible, Christian, Christians, baby, Magi, Wise Men, church, An Astronomical Investigation, astronomy, event, miracle, birth, Tycho Brahe, Johannes Kepler, Laws of Planetary Motion, Josephus, Herod, Job, David, Paul, Jew, Jews, Jewish, Jerusalem. from wikipedia.com Western scholars are in agreement we are presently confronted withtype oxymoron regarding Gregorian Calendar estimated date birth Christ. Gospel Matthew states Herod, harboring unkind intentions, sought Christ requested Magi disclose Christ's location to him. Herod's reign, as well as his life, ended in 4 BC this historical fact presents us with contradiction Christ was born "before Christ" (BC). This contradiction isproof our present calendar inaccurate because start our calendar supposed to celebrate timing birth Christ . This anomaly has persisted because virtually every commentator Star Bethlehem theorist has failed to produce an argument clear enough to justify adjusting our calendar. In fact, each commentator has virtually embraced (adopted) presumed without question accuracy current calendar zodiac alignment despite significant errors have been outlined on my calendar page . Virtually all previous Star Bethlehem theories refer to routine planetary conjunctions or astronomical configurations occur regularly , at best, are highly speculative fiction contain weak scholarship either ignores history or discounts Matthew's account. account star contained within se pages is mathematical certainty provides compelling answers to every element Matthew's account Christ's Star. It does not attempt to bend history but, rather, demonstrates our assessment astronomical skills ancients at best, inadequate. " Whoever undertakes to set himself up as judge in field truth knowledge shipwrecked by laughter gods." Albert Einstein Sir Isaac Newton Professor Hawking .... Site Map Galaxy. Extended Preface Overview Star Bethlehem Star Bethlehem Evolution Star Puzzle Historical Perspective Astronomical Chronology Birth Christ temple of solomon, solomon's temple, star of bethlehem, new testament, great pyramid, astroarchaeology, midrash, magi wisemenAncient Magi Teachings Magi astronomical timing Wise Ones "missing" Capstone Great Pyramid Unified Field Theory An Amazing Quantum Simile 2nd Coming mystery temple of solomon LIGHT! with Newton, Einstein Hawking Transcendental Pie "Quantum Christ" Emerald Tablet Gregorian Calendarvery brief history time "Pi Factor" Orbital Variance, Precession Global Warming Precession Equinox Sirius Connection, Ancient Wisdom Light Cones True Chart for beginning Age Pisces Astrology Primer errors Western Astrology Age Pisces Light Speed in Stone at Giza Plateau Great temple of solomon Seal United States America Solar System artist's rendition Copyright Information e-mail Time Capsule Registered Copyright john charles webb, jr., 1997-2005 All Rights Reserved - United States America Star Bethlehem Magi Astronomy astrology pi archaeology great pyramid star bethlehem, bible, capstone Christmas star, temple of solomon star of the magi, capstone, great pyramid, sphinx, sacred geometry chart above is precise astrological map (Sun-centered or Heliocentric) entire solar system for 2nd day March in year 5 BC. Chart with all relevant data opens in new window Star (shield) David or Seal Solomon revealed by applying ancient astrological "aspects" or geometric relationships which exist between planets at any given time. This (above) ancient astrological configuration equals this eight pointed star this esoteric symbol this configuration [without ancient temple of solomon astrological "Grand Cross" aspect representsphenomenon occurs once in over 40,000,000 years. mathematical probability analysis 9 planets - rotating within 360 degrees - allowing an orb 6 degrees chart is one 1.478314266 to 10 th power occurs once in 40,501,760 years. Shield David superimposed upon an additional ancient configuration called*"Gr Cross" ( light coloured square) which fers additional support for presenting this gr celestial display temple of solomon as star which informed Magi birth Christ; star which was invisible to all except Magi. Star formed by ancient " astrological aspect lines* " which connect planets as they were assembled on March 2nd 5 B.C. *see, Five Books M. Manilius written in 10 A.D. regarding planetary "aspects" . An additionally astounding observation Star David or Seal Solomon formed by all planets known to us today. Renowned scholar researcher, Zecharia Sitchin ( 12th Planet - Avon Books) has pointed out existence ancient (3rd millennium B.C.) cylinder seals includedepiction all outer planets.) . actual length (time) entire celestial presentation was approximately 10 days with Seal Solomon appearing for approximately 3.14 days. calculations have been verified by three independent sources all three show exact configuration for this date time with only minor differences occurring with specific degrees within chart. Astrologers are referred to in Book Daniel (Old Testament) as "wise men". It prudent to conclude magi who were guided by "a star" possessed skills astrologer / astronomers. In days ancients, astrology astronomy weresingular principle science no king or ruler was without counsel stars. ( Side Bar ) Man was aware our Sun-centered solar system since, at least, 2400 BC. Many dimensions Great Pyramid have perfect relationship astronomical measurements which Western Man has, apparently, only re-discovered. Most Great Pyramid's astronomical dimensions relate to Sun which, according to ancient Egyptians, was symbol God. God, from most ancient times, has always been symbolized by star. Our Sun a star. Many passages in New Testament, although very deeply veiled in metaphor, refer (also) to Sun as it appears to transit through ancient astrological signs. In ancient times astrology astronomy were same science. After invention lens, astrological model universe began to erode. Astrology with all its transcendent mythology was pushed to side by new astronomy created by stargazers with technology. Ever since time Western Man has been lost in space, disconnected from Earth without viable creation myth. information presented in this web site provides view into ancient past touches temple of solomon upon Ancient Wisdom which has been aboned forgotten by conventional modern scientific method. An understing this material will lead you to " crack between worlds", place where physics distort into divine chaos.place where science fears to tread  dwelling place God. . Christmas star, star of the magi, By far more than just temple of solomon a twinkling, it was entire solar system which announced birth Jesus Christ lineage King David, change astrological age from Aries to Pisces. celestial presentation evolved during10 day period. (Julian day entire phenomenon contains (in astrological symbolism);three "mystic rectangles","Star David", "Seal Solomon","Gr Sextile","Grand Cross" two five pointed star configurations . level intelligence beauty expressed in symbols will touch all who inquire as to ir profound meaning. star presented here first actual temple of solomon archaeological proof biblical account " Star" . configuration contains, in symbolic language, complete philosophies Life Christ, Spirituality, Ancient Astrology, Metaphysics Sacred Geometry. It expresses "perfect astrological model" which was intuited passionately sought by Sir Isaac Newton Johannes Kepler. . May you all be blessed beyond your dreams, John Charles Webb jr. Jupiter Project Project Director Legal Counsel Astroarchaeologist Chronologist Juris Doctor Templeton Prize Nominee Celestial Navigation House Sun, Hawaii research assistant website designer, photographer, art collector New Catholic Encyclopedia brief "history" astrologer priests Star's relationship to Egypt mystical Pi evolution Star ("Census") Our Calendar, Pi Factor Christ's birth Wisdom Teachings Magi Astrological Birth Chart Christ capstone Great Pyramid John Charles Webb, Jr. " Fifth Artifact " Star Bethlehem, as documented within pages, only verifiable archaeological artifact ever discovered which supports Matthew's biblical account "star". . For almost 2000 years " Star Bethlehem" Christmas Star of the magi has been subject continuing search for the star of Christmas and the wisemen wise men which has produced thousands papers , articles, books theories but no truly plausible explanation star. After seven years research in field Astronomy Western Astrology I locatedphenomenal "star" which, I am certain, historical "Star Bethlehem". timing "star's" appearance conforms perfectly with historical time frame established in gospels its presence defies portions our contemporary scientific paradigm. Star represents an example "random chaos" because it explodes current academic beliefs regarding astronomical skills " ancients" highlights sheer, almost unimaginable, brilliance Matthew's gospel. This presentation gathers support from Old New Testaments, Sir Isaac Newton's Chronology, Ancient Universal History, Ptolemy's TETRABIBLOS, measurements taken at Great Pyramid at Giza,study ancient contemporary astrological practices, 20 years personal spiritual metaphysical investigation, science astronomy, Five Books M. Manilius various writings attributed to Plato. existence this incredible star powerfully confronts our cultural paradigm. It encourages us to review past to reconsider some our beliefs innew light. Information is presented which suggests Mathew's gospel was " original" writing which strongly influenced Luke, Mark John. Matthew's gospel includes only historical account magnificent star which guided Magi to Christ. Magi, according to historical writings, were unsurpassed in their wisdom knowledge things astrological astronomical. It was, in fact, Persian Magi, applying " ancient astrological methods who predicted birth Christ. I have located star which inspired prophesy it leads to precise birth temple of solomon date time biblical Jesus Christ also, to lost " capstone " Great Pyramid. search for star gradually lead toplace where no one else had looked before, heliocentric (Sun centered) solar system. I was taught ancients believed in an "earth centered" universe they knew nothing about Earth's orbit around Sun, they were not aware outer planets. Star King, key provided for reconciliation sidereal (star) tropical (calendar) systems solar system ( "Pi Factor" )...proof positive provided for temple of solomon accuracy portions New Old Testaments...delta factor provided for perfect alignment zodiac ...actual astrological birth chart Jesus Christ is presented... historical Star Bethlehem method for perfect adjustment Gregorian calendar... the "location" the missing capstone Christmas star, star of the magi, Great Pyramid ... methods for determining our precise location within present Age, link between Precession Equinox "global warming" , origination "hour" "week" as temporal (time) measurements more, much much more It takes while to digest all information presented here, please be patient allow yourself to savor what it you are about to read. "Star" .Brief Overview Site Map John Charles Webb, Jr. Speed light, light speed, Within pages information presented which suggests blueprint our solar system has been "encoded" in Gospel Matthew for 2000 years. . For almost two millennia, scholars, prophets, astronomers astrologers have diligently searched the skies for the star which announced the birth Jesus Christ. review gospel Matthew all other historical materials indicate "star" was visible only to "wise men". In days "ancients" astronomy astrology were combined in "science" "stargazing" those who specialized in "stargazing" were called "wise men". Herod, king Judea at time birth Christ, without doubt, entertained counsel "stargazers" in his court. It wascommon practice to seek advice "wise men" such practices continue today although inless visible way. Herod was unaware any unusual "stellar" events during time period which included arrival Magi. Thus, he inquired about appearance "star" which guided them to Judea to seek "new king". "Star Bethlehem" was an astrological event incorporating astronomical data (planetary locations) must be interpreted using ancient astrological methods . Commentators have consistently determined it was routine planetary "conjunctions" (two planets very close in sky) visible to everyone, announced "divine birth". conclusions many commentators do not address three most important issues: 1) "star" was not noticed or even "visible" to anyone but wise men. Any analysis which does not include astrological information from period will be incomplete because astronomy astrology were same science ( observation interpretation ) at beginning Age. Additionally, any celestial phenomenon is givenprophetic interpretation within auspices astrology. 3) accuracy time frame established in gospels regarding: ) birth Christ b) Christ's presentation at temple within 40 days after his birth c) appearance wise men with ir gifts, subsequent "historically verifiable" time King Herod's passing in 4BC Some our present beliefs regarding "ancient" civilizations are: "ancients were unaware Earth issphere.....were unaware Earth's rotation eir in an orbit or upon her axis.....were unaware "recently discovered" outer planets.....were unaware precession equinox ..... lacked any mathematical skills regarding calculation 'Heliocentric' (Sun centered) scheme in solar system." This, course, was true regarding skills common folk at beginning Piscean Age over 2000 years ago. However, these "common limitations", unquestionably, do not apply to Matthew, according to his astounding account star, nor do they apply to sect highly advanced astrologer priests called Magi. It is Magi who were guided by appearance rare most incredible star who were immortalized in Matthew's fantastic account this great event. Matthew indicates unequivocally ancients were: 1) aware "Sun centered" solar system 2) were aware phenomenon "precession" 3) possessed skills to create"Sun centered" map solar system 4) possessed knowledge existence outer planets 5) were aware Sun star Star present it can be located reproduced . It written in language Man's first true science. Since inception gospels, science has searched for some tangible proof existence biblical Christ has come back empty handed. presence phenomenal celestial event, called Star Bethlehem , which entire solar system , provides tangible reproducible proof accuracy Matthew's account star. What it I have found recorded within these pages. to navigate beyond "cultural filters" to obtain glimpse "ultimate universal truth".portion the journey "within"... To Star Map many road markers are metaphors. . Christmas star, star of the magi, Site Map Express John Charles Webb, Jr. 

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temple of solomon, solomon's temple, star of bethlehem, new testament, great pyramid, astroarchaeology, midrash
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